I am amazed by the talents of Taylor Tom Conley, a man I met who is serving life in prison. He has opened my eyes to the realities of how corrupt our justice system is. At only 20 he was wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit and in result was sentenced to life without parole. 14 years later, behind the walls of prison, Taylor is working hard and achieving goals that people, such as myself, had no idea were possible

He has faced and overcome many obstacles in life. At age 15, he was sent to the infamous behavior modification facilities Casa by the Sea in Mexico, and Tranquility Bay in Jamaica. These places were run by WWASP, an organization that banked billions of dollars for abusing, and sometimes killing children.  For a year he was abused and borderline tortured.

This is only a little insight into Taylor, who is intelligent, kind, and witty. He’s become my life coach, guiding me on to a path to personal success and instilling in me motivation and confidence. I originally wrote to him because I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, but he ended up making a difference in mine. 

​Despite his trials and tribulations, his heart, mind, and soul shine brighter than anyone I know. I feel honored to call him my friend. This is an amazing and talented man that deserves a second chance. 


May 2020

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