I met my husband back in 2015 when he had already served ten years out of his life sentence. I saw his classified online, and he was looking for a friend. He is the most “unfunny” person that I know lol, he is very carrying, and he is the best friend that I could have ever imagined.

I admire his drive for life, hard work ethics, and discipline since day one. 
He is a kind soul with a big heart, and he deserves a second chance. 

He doesn’t give up on a dream, whenever he sets his mind in something, he puts everything in place and only looks forward, never back. That is why I am convinced that he is going to get out one day. 

It is sad how unfair his trial was, and the negligent representation that he got.  We are currently working on his case and are willing to share all the information upon request. 

Cecilia Conley

June 2020

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